How To Add Breakpoints To Objectives

MoveIt Pro allows setting breakpoints wherever one wants to pause Objective execution. It allows users to investigate the internal state of the program during


To launch MoveIt Pro, run:

moveit_pro run -c picknik_ur_mock_hw_config

Adding Breakpoint to Objective

Add the behavior BreakpointSubscriber to your objective to add breakpoints. Here is an Objective with a breakpoint.


Resuming Objective Execution After Encountering Breakpoint

Hit the Resume button to continue Objective execution after encountering a breakpoint.


Command Line Interface to Step Through Breakpoints

Open an interactive Bash session with the MoveIt Pro Agent Docker container:

moveit_pro shell

Enter the following command to continue Objective execution when an Objective is paused on a breakpoint behavior.

ros2 topic pub --once /studio_breakpoint std_msgs/msg/Bool "{data: true}"