• Adjust subtree editing warnings in the Objective Editor.

  • Minor adjustments to the install process to install tagged versions of the MoveIt Studio user workspace.


  • Added copying and pasting of Behaviors in the Objective Editor.

  • Added running of Objectives by ID in the Objective Server.

  • Added recursive editing of yaml parameters in the Objective Editor.

  • Added joint sliders to the Joint control panel for joint-by-joint jogging.

  • Added new Behavior and functionality for logging during Objective execution. For more information see the Create a Custom Behavior tutorial, and the new LogMessage Behavior.

  • Added a task_id port to MTC planning behaviors for solution storage and introspection. For changes refer to Migration to 2.1.0.

  • Added documentation and feedback links to the user interface settings dropdown.

  • Added machine learning Behaviors and tutorials in Adding Machine Learning Based Perception to Objectives.

  • Added the UR5e xacro to prevent planning through pinch geometries in the wrist.

  • Fixed issues related to rendering different Behavior Tree layouts.

  • Fixed a critical bug causing stability issues in ros2_control Humble.

  • Fixed scrolling issues in the waypoints dropdown menu.

  • Fixed issues with missing camera configurations for simulated environments.

  • Fixed issues in launch monitoring logic when launching MoveIt Studio.


  • Fixed built-in pick and place Objectives for BT.CPP 4.1.


  • Added documentation for launching MoveIt Studio with Gazebo simulation. For more information see Gazebo Configuration Guide.

  • Fixed issues with large joint jumps in MoveIt Servo for the UR5e robots.

  • Fixed issues in the Waypoints API and editor.

  • Fixed unhandled exceptions in the Objective Server.


Major version increase. For a complete summary of required configuration changes refer to Migration to 2.0.0.

  • Upgraded to BehaviorTree.CPP 4.1.1. For required changes refer to Migration to 2.0.0.

  • Added a new web-bridge for isolated, local MoveIt Studio deployments.

  • Added additional tutorials for custom Behavior generation and workspace testing. For more information see the Tutorials page.

  • Added support for tuning admittance control parameters to the user interface. For more information refer to Configure Admittance Control.

  • Added additional Behavior interface base classes for simplifying building of customer Behaviors. For more information refer to the Built-In Behaviors documentation.

  • Added a public MoveIt Studio user workspace. For more information refer to Configuring MoveIt Studio for a Specific Robot.

  • Added support for including multiple tree_nodes_model.xml files in user workspaces.

  • Added messaging to the user interface for MoveIt Servo statuses (e.g. approaching singularities or joint limits).

  • Added an UpdatePlanningSceneService Behavior for improved collision scene monitoring.

  • Added a ForEach decorator node for iterating over values in a Behavior Tree. For more information refer to the Built-In Behaviors documentation.

  • Added overlay Docker images and instructions for developing MoveIt Studio Behaviors from containers. For more information see Create Overlay Docker Images.

  • Added ability to modify the servo speed from the Cartesian and Joint control panels.

  • Added support for logging at different levels from Behaviors to the MoveIt Studio user interface.

  • Improvements to the Logging panel in the MoveIt Studio user interface.

  • Improvements for database synchronization in the Objective Editor.

  • Fixed warnings for missing configuration in base and site config parameters.

  • Fixed issues related to DDS configuration generation.

  • Fixed issues with animations and lagging in the user interface.

  • Fixed segfault issues related to Robotiq Gripper connections.

  • Fixed issues with the JointTrajectoryController and success criteria in ros2_control Humble.

  • Fixed issues related to Behavior Tree layouts in the Objective Editor.